What is elder mediation?

Elder meditation is fairly new here in the UK. It is more common in for instance Australia, Canada and the USA. It’s a way of helping an ageing person and their family deal with concerns or disagreements. Mediation helps people communicate better and work together to find workable solutions.

What sort of things can be discussed and resolved?

Mediation can be about a wide range of things. For example, living arrangements, help and support for independent living, day-to-day care, driving and transportation, wills and estates, medical needs & healthcare, including mental health, powers of attorney and end of life decisions.

Who can seek help in elder mediation?

Anyone with a concern can ask a mediator for help, so it could be the elder themselves, their spouse or partner, children or grandchildren, a carer or a friend.

How does it work?

Two mediators usually mediate together. This allows us to support not just  the elder but the other participants too. As mediators, we are neutral as to the outcome because we don’t have a vested interest. We help those involved have a conversation. We encourage them to truly listen to each other. To listen with curiosity. As a result, communication tends to improve.

Who pays for elder mediation?

The participants typically share the cost of mediation.

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Elisabet Anderson, FMC accredited family mediator

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