FMC document standard for an unaccredited mediator

The FMC standard at 2.1(c) is clear. An unaccredited mediator – that is those who do not have FMCA status – must have any mediation outcome documentation approved by their PPC before being sent to their clients. This includes memoranda of understanding and open financial statements. This is mandatory, not an option.

Emphasis on standards in training

This seems to come as a surprise to many mediators. There may be room to argue that mediation foundation trainers are not doing all they could do to bring the standards to the attention of trainees. Perhaps the training should include a session which covers the standards and code of practice in more detail. They could emphasise that following and upholding the standards isn’t a suggestion but a requirement.

Taking responsibility ourselves

But I think there’s greater room to argue that we mediators ourselves must take more responsibility. We are failing if we don’t understand the standards. Being a mediator is not simply a bolt on activity. Nor is it a junior activity to some other qualification or skill. Family mediation is a separate professional activity with it’s own standards. A mediator may fully understand the standards expected of them in one of their other professional capacities. But that doesn’t mean anything if they don’t understand their mediation standards and codes of practice.

Get your outcome documents checked

So if you are an unaccredited mediator, make sure you are getting all outcome documents checked by your PPC.  If you don’t, you may find your PPC gives you a less than glowing reference when you come to submit your portfolio. You may find that your membership organisation won’t take responsibility for handling a complaint made against you. It may also look to take action over your breach of membership standards. And you may also find that your PI insurance will not cover you in the event of a claim.

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