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I’d like to thank you again for the very professional and sympathetic way that you and Tom (Farrell) steered us through our complex and at times tortuous negotiations. At the end of the day I’m confident that we secured a compromise that satisfied both of us and hopefully we won’t need to come back!

I have however recommended you to a couple of people recently. My solicitor considered the ‘Summary of Mediation’ you submitted to be the best she had ever received and shared it with her colleagues on the Family Team at her firm as an example of good practice.

Professor G, North Somerset - 2018 - online mediation

It is today a year since we divorced, decree absolute issued same day as our wedding anniversary! 

Just a quick note to say that we are still working together and are both doing very well. (My ex) still relies on me heavily to run the business during his absence and has now given me more interesting responsabilities.

So after weeks of difficult mediation, we have now turned the page and (our child) is delighted to see her parents, individually, both happy and at peace.

Mrs VR, Essex - 2018

I massively appreciate the advice you gave me during our meeting. (I have been) downloading, printing and filling out the forms you told me that I needed, and … am happy that we (KD & spouse) have filled in all the forms, and we have decided that we will proceed from here alone, and book the court. Thanks again Stephen. I have and will continue to recommend your services!

KD, Hants, March 2017 - online mediation

A supportive and constructive environment enhanced by a calm manner and professionalism.

Mrs R, Bury St Edmunds - 2016

(Stephen and Elisabet) provided an effective and supportive environment in which potential sources of conflict were methodically and patiently worked through … the mediators were not only patient listeners but skilled in guiding potentially stalled discussion into areas where constructive progress could be made.
MB, Suffolk, July 2016.

It diffused an awful situation. Communication had broken down completely. It has definitely (our) improved communication.

Anonymous - 2016

Stephen guided me through the sometimes tortuous and often frustrating processes surrounding divorce and consent agreement, with calm, wisdom and insight. He takes a pragmatic approach, focussed on securing the best possible mutual agreement and consensus. I recommend him highly, not least for his honesty, good humour and expertise, backed by experience.
Mr. A, Ipswich - 2015

…the mediation session last year was something of a watershed moment for me. It opened my eyes and my mind to what was in front of me. It also gave me the impetus to positively change several areas of my life and my mindset, in order to address issues that had hindered me up to that point.

Putting it simply, I have achieved a lot of  ‘closure’ and I have moved forward. My path is now clear to me and for the first time in many, many years, I feel that I am valued, have a purpose, my confidence has come back and I actually like who I am.

For that, I am extremely grateful and I consider this to be one of the most positive outcomes from the session.

Please pass on my gratitude to Stephen and Jan.

Darren, Dubai - 2014

I work with Stephen on a regular basis both in his capacity as a lawyer and mediator. Stephen always strives to achieve an outcome that it is acceptable and fair to all involved. He is innovative, committed and approachable. Stephen is also easily contactable and willing to make himself available which is always helpful to both clients and colleagues.
Demelza Butler, Solicitor - 2012

I am writing to thank you both for your calmness and support during the past 14 months. Mediation was the right thing to do but not easy too.

I see the house as a new start and I am embracing my new life.

Thank you again and wishing you both a lovely summer.

Mrs CD, Bury St Edmunds - 2019 - divorce and financial mediation

Whilst going through a difficult divorce; juggling the emotional fall out of the relationship breaking down, the challenges of re-locating and ever increasing legal bills, it was suggested that my now ex-husband and I sought mediation.

My ex-husband and I were living in different parts of the country, however, Start Mediation were able to accommodate us by allowing us to have our sessions on-line. This was instrumental in us being able to move the divorce procedure (Consent Order) forward.

Stephen is very easy to talk with and has a wealth of experience and valuable insight into the divorce process. I can hand on heart say that we would not have reached resolution without Stephen’s help and I heartily recommend Stephen as a professional: fair, accessible, productive and indisputably patient mediator.

Mrs MS, Channel Islands - 2018 - online mediation

My initial telephone contact with START Mediation convinced me to work with them – clear, concise and professional.

The initial MIAM consultation was set up quickly and proved very useful. Elisabet was focussed, empathic, professional, and as helpful as possible given my situation.

She undertook the required follow-up actions efficiently, reporting back to me on progress.

Ultimately, the process was unable to continue because my ex-partner declined the opportunity to participate. Based on my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending Elisabet.

Mr ML, Suffolk - 2018

It felt a very supportive atmosphere, particularly the first joint meeting, which could have been a very volatile meeting, Stephen had a very calming manner, rather like pouring oil over a potentially flammable situation!

Anonymous, Suffolk - 2016

I believe this mediation process to have been invaluable and I’m indebted to the friendly professionalism of both mediators.

Anonymous - 2016

The patient methodical framework within which our discussions were undertaken rubs off eventually on all parties. It encourages a constructive approach to conflict resolution.

Anonymous - 2016

The process was conducted professionally and with sensitivity. It enabled resolution to be arrived at quickly and with the minimum of emotional difficulty. I would highly recommend Stephen and his team to anyone seeking mediation as a means to resolve potential conflict and disputes.
Anonymous, Norfolk - 2015

It wasn’t easy coming to mediation, but I’m glad we did it. And it was definitely better for our children.
Mrs G, Suffolk - 2015

I really feel that we achieved a great deal in mediation and I wanted to thank you for all your help and patience throughout.
Mrs M, Suffolk - 2014

Thanks again for seeing me Stephen. I enjoyed meeting you and felt very comfortable speaking. I’m glad that…has also taken up your offer of a meeting.
Mr T, Cambridge - 2013

I enjoyed, if that’s the right word, the last mediation session and thanks for the booklet which I read.
Mr N, London, 2013

Stephen’s focus is in finding a constructive, practical and amicable solution to family issues rather than in directing clients into the narrow route of litigation. Having worked opposite Stephen, I can vouch that his approach can be successful in even the most difficult family situations. His belief and dedication to ADR is absolutely refreshing and can only benefit his clients.
Polly Morgan, Solicitor - 2012