The spread of the deadly Covid-19 strain of coronavirus around the world is a huge concern. At best there’s uncertainty and at worst, well, we simply don’t know. Whilst it’s going to have significant consequences, it shouldn’t mean that we need to stop doing everything.

If you are going through a relationship breakdown, you might have thought you’d have to put things on hold until the worst is over. Meeting your mediator (or lawyer) at their premises may be something you would want to avoid. Such environments present multiple opportunities for cross contamination: door handles, surfaces, cups, jugs, pens, receptionists and other people, including the professionals themselves, may all potentially at risk of either being contaminated with or carriers of the infection.  Is it really necessary to meet? Do any of us really need to expose ourselves to the risk of contamination? We don’t believe so.

Most people probably think of family mediation as a process that takes place with the mediator and participants together in the same room. But at Start Mediation, we have been mediating online over a webcam since 2012. Clients who live abroad or who live in different parts of the UK have been able to successfully sort out their divorces and financial separations from the convenience of their own homes or places of work.

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