The FMC has recently published a revised code of practice. Every family mediator should read it and make any appropriate adjustments to their practice.

Changes to code

The main changes to the code include those to conflicts of interests (5.1), online mediation (6.1), and child inclusive mediation (3.3).

Online mediation

In addition to a clear green light for online mediation, the FMC has published online mediation guidance, which I helped to draft along with three others, (one of whom, Robin ap Cynan, sadly died before it was finalised).  The guidance is well worth a read if you intend to do conduct any MIAMs or mediations via video.

Drafting consent orders

The code does not address the thorny matter of mediators drafting consent orders, but I understand that the FMC will be looking at this as a priority over the coming months so watch this space.

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