Average Cost of Wedding in UK (Brides Magazine, 2015)

Average Cost Per Person of Divorce & Financial Settlement in UK Using Lawyers (Aviva plc 2014)

Average Cost Per Couple of Divorce & Financial Settlement in UK Using Lawyers (Aviva plc 2014)

Typical Cost Per Person of Negotiating a Divorce & Financial Settlement through Start Mediation (2016)

In our region, experienced family solicitors typically charge a client between £200 and £280 + VAT an hour (£240-£336).

Our accredited mediators are also experienced non-practising solicitors. We charge £95 an hour per client and no VAT.

Alternatively, we offer fixed prices which provide our clients with absolute certainty over the cost.

MIAM or Private Consultation

Pre-court application Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting with an accredited mediator
£120/per person
  • Professional Accredited Mediator and non-practising solicitor
  • 60 min meeting & up to 45 min preparation & follow-up work
  • Includes letter and phone call to one other potential participant
  • Includes mediator’s court certificate
  • Most major debit & credit cards accepted

2 hr divorce & finances or all issues mediation session

Help from an accredited mediator
£249/per person
  • Professional Accredited Mediator and non-practising solicitor
  • Expert guidance to help with separation, divorce, dissolution, financial processes & the law.
  • includes preparation
  • includes document reviewing
  • + includes 120 minute session

  • includes drafting
  • includes routine follow up work
  • + includes routine communications with participants and lawyers

  • Alternative price from £95 an hour per person
  • Most major credit and debit cards accepted