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Mediating Online. From Your Own Home or Workplace

You want to mediate Mediating online could be for you if your relationship has broken down. You need to sort things out. There are parenting and financial arrangements to make. You want a mediator to help because you've heard that it is a better and less expensive...

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What Goes Into a Parenting Plan?

As promised in A Parenting Plan is a Good Thing, Right? I'm now going to look at what typically goes into a parenting plan. Bear in mind though that a parenting plan is a personal thing and a mediator will help you to create a plan that suits your family....

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A Parenting Plan is a Good Thing, Right?

 A parenting plan is a good thing. When parents live together they chat about their kids when they eat breakfast, brush their teeth, walk to the shops, watch their kids play in the park and so on. Those conversations don't happen after separation, so a parenting plan...

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Why Should We Turn To Mediation?

Why should we turn to mediation first when we need help to resolve differences, problems and disagreements? Mediation offers  much more than you may think Sometimes when I speak to a prospective client they'll explain the reason for their call finishing with something...

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Who pays for family mediation?

The participants share the cost of mediation equally Who pays for family mediation depends on the circumstances. Most of our mediation clients pay for mediation in equal shares. Benefits and drawbacks One benefit of sharing the cost is that both participants buy into...

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immediate /ɪˈmiːdɪət/ verb: mediating instantly

Immediate Immediate isn't a word I'd normally associate with mediation. While they share the same Latin root - 'mediatus', meaning 'intervening' - and the idea of litigating instantly is acceptable: mediating instantly?  Mediate now! No waiting necessary: Mediating...

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