Do you need an online MIAM for a court application?

We've been providing them since 2012.

Step 1 – Why you need an online MIAM

You need a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) certificate to make a court application. You can’t find a mediator who can meet with you soon enough. Or perhaps you want the convenience of meeting the mediator over the Internet.

Well, you can meet with us over video Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom video. All you’ll need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam, a reliable Internet connection and somewhere private to take our video call. Subject to your availability, we will usually be able to offer you an appointment within 2 working days.

We were the first mediation service to offer an online MIAM service in 2012. As a consequence, we’ve gained expertise in understanding how to set up and deliver online meetings.

Download and read our short guide to help you successfully meet online. It’s free and there’s no email sign-up.

Step 2 – Get in touch

Call us for a free confidential chat. Or to speed things up, you can fill in our confidential online form first. Your answers will provide us with contact details and information about the nature of your problem. Once we have your form, we’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment.

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Step 3 – Meet us

Your private and confidential online appointment with one of our accredited mediators –  also a non-practising solicitor – will last up to 60 minutes. As we are required to do by law, we’ll explain the various different ways in which problems or disputes like yours could be approached. We will provide an estimate of how long it might take you to reach a successful outcome and what it might cost using any of the different dispute resolution methods.

Very helpful and informative service, ability to be flexible with the option to Skype made the appointment and advice extremely flexible.
GF, online MIAM 2017

Step 4 – The cost

our standard appointments are available to start Monday to Friday at or after 9.00 am UK time with the last appointments available to start at 4.30 pm UK time.

These cost £130 including VAT. There are no hidden extras. It includes not just your online meeting with us, but a PDF MIAM court certificate emailed to you too.

We also offer appointments outside of these times – Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 am UK time, and up until 8.00 pm UK time, and Saturdays from 10.00 am UK time up until 12.30 pm UK time.

These cost £220 including VAT with no hidden extras. It includes not just your online meeting with us, but a PDF MIAM court certificate emailed to you too.

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Step 5 – What happens afterwards

If you decide you don’t want to mediate, we will send you a certificate by email. It will be valid for four months.

On the other hand, if you decide you would like to try online mediation, we will write to the person you’re in dispute with and invite them to a similar online meeting. If they meet with us, we will work out what components your online mediation might need. This includes the likely length of any online meeting and any steps which you could complete before your first meeting together. Afterwards, we’ll get in touch to arrange your first online mediation session.

We offer fixed prices to provide certainty about costs.


Frequently asked questions about Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings.
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