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For many, the ending of an intimate relationship will be as overwhelming as the death of a loved one. It’s fraught with financial uncertainty, and real worries about the children. It’s not easy to sort things out calmly and co-operatively when the legal system seems to want you to behave like enemies.

Things to decide
  • Are you going to separate informally?
  • What are the judicial separatrion, divorce, or civil partnership dissolution options?
  • If you want a formal process, who is going to start it?
  • When should it start?
  • How will you deal with the costs involved?
  • What paperwork needs completing?
  • How do you tell the childen?
  • Is this something you can do mostly yourselves or do you need some help?

Imagine how you would feel if you could achieve these early steps in a way which wouldn’t create a battle, and make it impossible for you later to have constructive discussions about the children or money.

Now stop imagining – a less damaging, more amicable, less expensive, quicker and better outcome is what you and your family can achieve if you choose to start mediating.

Should you go to a lawyer first?

Some go to lawyers to start the divorce court process, and then come to mediation to discuss finances and children. After, they return to their lawyers who will draft the court paperwork.

Others come to mediation first to decide how to start the divorce process, then go on to discuss the children and finances. They’ll visit lawyers at the end to draft the court paperwork.

What we often see as mediators are divorces which were started in ways which were certain to increase the conflict between the parties, rather than stabilise or reduce it. This increased conflict inevitably spills over into the financial discussions and the parenting arrangements. The overall effect is to turn what was essentially a problem into a full-blown dispute.

Those who start with mediation before going to lawyers are more likely to make swifter progress because of their greater cooperation. This is something they and their families will come to value not just at the time, but long into their futures too.

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