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Divorce & Dissolution Financial Claims

The financial future is usually a big worry during a divorce or civil partnership dissolution. The fear of “how much will this cost” and “how can we actually afford to separate” often cause people to sit-tight. This leads to couples feeling trapped…and this can cause potentially explosive reactions.

Mediation will give you control of the outcome

Working through the finances together is a crucial step in moving on and getting on with your lives. If you both start by visiting lawyers, can you be sure that you will  retain control over what happens?

On the other hand, if you start with mediation, you’ll be in control. We will listen to what you want to achieve and agree with you and oversee a  step-by-step process to help achieve this. We will explain how the law works and help you with options.  And we will reality test any proposals you come up with to make sure they are workable, will meet your needs and are legally acceptable.

Law is relevant but getting the right financial support is usually more important

It may come as a surprise, but it’s little known that the law is rarely an issue in divorce financial outcomes.

Instead, the three most important factors in reaching a negotiated financial settlement are arguably very simple ones. They are all based on information not law.

The first is establishing that you and your partner both know the full value of your assets, debts, income and expenses. Often when we meet new mediation clients, one will have already made a proposal which the other will not have responded to. The proposer believes the other is being awkward. But, when we speak to the other, they have no idea how much everything is worth. After all, you wouldn’t  sell your house to the first person to make an offer without first knowing how much it was worth, would you?

The second is ensuring you both have a good understanding  of your own own income, capital, housing and pension needs. Part of this involves listening to each other and understanding the reasons behind the figures given in support of the other’s needs. Staying with the house selling example, you couldn’t buy a home without knowing where you want to live, how many rooms you need, what size mortgage you could afford.

The third, is testing any proposal you come up with to make sure it not only meets both your needs, as a minimum, but also that it is legally possible and, most importantly even for those going through mediation, it will be approved by a judge.

Progressing through these three steps is not as difficult as you might think when you have a mediator helping you.

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