Practice Areas

Some of the things we can help with

Separation, Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution

Research consistently shows that how you do your divorce has greater impact on you and your children than any other single factor.

The law may also seem complicated and many  do not know where to begin to find help. Read more.

child consultation


Research shows that all children are affected by the breakdown of their parents’ relationships.

The degree to which children are affected will be largely down to the way their parents manage the separation process. Read more.

financial mediation

Money & Property

Your financial future may be a big worry. The fear of “how much will this cost” and “how can we actually afford to separate” often cause people to sit-tight.

This leads to couples feeling trapped…and this can cause a potentially explosive mixture of fear and animosity. Read more.

child maintenance

Child Maintenance

Child maintenance goes towards a child’s everyday living costs when the parents have separated.

If you want to agree the amount payable, and want to avoid the fees chargeable by the Child Maintenance Service (which has taken over from the Child Support Agency) private agreements are a cost effective alternative. Read more

elder mediation

Elder & Adult Family

As family members age they inevitably face significant transitions. Mediation provides a safe and structured way for teenagers, ageing parents, and their wider families to productively engage in difficult conversations. Read more.

relationship agreements

Relationship Agreements

If you are thinking of living together with someone, getting married or entering a civil partnership, we can help you discuss, understand and negotiate any financial agreement you want to put in place beforehand. Read more.



The end of a relationship leads to changes of priorities and life’s goals. A lack of self-esteem can leave you vulnerable to making the wrong choices about your future. Mediation can help you and your partner make better choices, leaving you with a stronger parenting relationship. Read more.