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We are leaders in online family mediation

One of our founders, Stephen Anderson, was the first family mediator in the UK to routinely offer an online mediation service through Skype or Zoom. He now has vast experience of mediating online between people who either do not live close enough to a mediator or close enough to each other. Many of Stephen’s online clients live and work abroad, but want an English mediator to help them with their divorce or parenting problems.

Stephen’s expertise and pioneering work led to him helping to develop the Family Mediation Council’s standard for online mediating. This is something all family mediators are expected to uphold. He has delivered lectures and workshops about online mediation at many conferences and has taught many other mediators how to work online.

Online mediation might be suitable if you ...
  • don’t live close to the person you want to mediate with, or close to a mediator;
  • live abroad;
  • are disabled and can’t get out;
  • would be at risk if you were in the same room as the to the person;
  • suffer from anxiety or agoraphobia and can’t leave your home; or
  • you simply want to mediate online, in the same way you bank or shop.
The equipment you'll need includes a...
  • computer, tablet or Smartphone;
  • webcam;
  • headset is ideal;
  • reliable Internet connection of at least 2Mbps – check yours at Ookla;
  • room with nobody else present;
  • comfortable chair and a desk or table;
  • Skype or Zoom account;
  • landline or mobile phone; and
  • something to make notes on.
How much does it cost?

Each online consultation costs £120 per person. There is no VAT and no hidden extras. This includes the cost of writing by post to the person you want to mediate with to see if they’d be willing to meet us online, as well as phoning them if they don’t respond to our invitation. We’ll also give you a court certificate should you need one.

What happens next?

After we’ve met you both, we work out what components your mediation might need. This includes the likely length of any session and any steps which we’d like you to complete before your first session. We’ll then send an offer to each of you, inviting you to get in touch if you want to mediate online. Once you’ve both accepted, we’ll arrange your first session.

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