Coronavirus and Online Mediation 

We are have been providing online mediation since 2011 and are leaders in the field. We have helped hundreds of clients online and are nationally recognised as being specialists in this field.

So, if you’ve a problem or dispute you want help with, and you have a device with a webcam and a good-enough internet connection, call us on 01473 487427 or check out our online section below for more information.

Online Family Mediation

We’re experts in online mediation

We understand the technology and hardware needs. We understand the importance of online confidentiality.

Managing discussions online is quite different to managing them when in the same room as the participants. We’ve been mediating online since 2012. That’s longer than any other UK mediation service. So we’re comfortable working online. Our clients are too.

We wrote our free guide “Six important tips to help you successfully mediate online” to help our clients understand how to prepare for an online meeting. You can download it here. There’s no sign-up necessary.

Download Our Free Online Mediation Tips

Online mediation is suitable if you:

  • Don’t live close to the other person
  • Don’t live close to a mediator
  • Live abroad
  • Find it difficult to get out
  • Prefer not to be in the same room as the other person
  • Mediate with lawyers and other professionals present
  • Want to mediate online because it’s more convenient.

Cases suitable for online mediation

  • Separation, divorce and dissolution
  • Financial settlement
  • Children’s living arrangements
  • Parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Child removal from the UK
  • Child schooling
  • Disputes over wills
  • Elder family concerns
  • And just about any other family problem or dispute


My ex-husband and I were living in different parts of the country, however, Start Mediation were able to accommodate us by allowing us to have our sessions on-line. This was instrumental in us being able to move the divorce procedure (Consent Order) forward.

Stephen is very easy to talk with and has a wealth of experience and valuable insight into the divorce process. I can hand on heart say that we would not have reached resolution without Stephen’s help and I heartily recommend Stephen as a professional: fair, accessible, productive and indisputably patient mediator.

Mrs MS Channel Islands - online mediation

How do I start?

First we need to meet you, followed later by the other person you want to mediate with, at confidential individual online meetings. We typically use video Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom.

After we’ve met each of you, we work out what components your mediation might need. This includes the likely length of any online meeting and any steps to take before your first session. We’ll then contact you to arrange a joint online appointment. We follow that up with written confirmation.

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