Civil Mediation Prices

Our CMC registered and accredited civil mediator, who is also experienced solicitor (non-practising), charges £220 per hour plus VAT, shared between the disputants.

Yet most disputes are likely to be covered by one of the fixed prices below. if yours isn’t, please call us and we’ll try to give you an idea of the likely costs before going any further.

Step 1 - Arrange a confidential consultation
Complete our online client information form and we’ll contact you to arrange a confidential individual mediation assessment meeting with an experienced mediator and solcitor (non-practising) – for civil claims of all types.
Courts require disputants to try to settle

Before anyone or any organisation takes court action, they must try and settle their dispute first. Not doing so could lead to the court penalising them on costs, even if they succeed in their claim.

Mediation is quicker and less expensive than most other options. Successful mediations can end a dispute within a day. By contrast, the court process at its quickest takes many months and costs considerably more, taking up much of your time, and maybe that of others.

Find out first how mediation might be suitable
Start’s civil mediation service begins with a separate confidential consultation with each of the disputants, before we arrange to meet with them together. These consultations give disputants an opportunity to tell their story and find out whether mediation is going to be suitable and appropriate.

The meetings give us the opportunity to listen to each disputant’s story, and to understand the conflict. By understanding the conflict, we are better able to tailor the mediation process to suit the needs of disputants, such as the length of any mediation session(s), whether lawyers need to be present or not, and whether any expert needs to be involved.

We'll even get in touch with the other disputant for you
When we meet the first party, it sometimes is the case that the second party has yet to agree to mediate or get in touch with us. If this is the case, we’ll offer to write to them or phone them to see if they are willing to engage, at no additional cost to you.

Here are some examples of our fixed prices. we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all” approach to mediation. We’ll decide with you what type of mediation session would be most suitable.

Step 2 - Start mediating

Start mediating. We have fixed our civil mediation prices for disputes of all types.

Why don't you offer online Zoom mediation for meetings of six hours or longer?

While mediating over a webcam has many benefits, it is a more tiring way to mediate when compared to meeting in-person.

We’ve been mediating online since 2012 and are very familiar with how tiredness or fatigue can set in after a few hours. This effects the participants and the mediator. And this effects the quality of the outcome.

Whilst there are some mediators who see fatigue as a tool which helps bring about a settlement, we do not. We know. that settlements are better when the participants understand them and don’t feel under pressure of time and are worse when they agree to them simply in order to bring things to a close.

Having said that we always say, “Never say never …”


What our fixed prices include

All prices shown include preparation, routine document review, the mediation itself, routine communications with the parties and their lawyers (if required) and routine follow up work.

All prices also include use of our consulting rooms in Ipswich or the use of a suitable venue provided by a party or one of their lawyers.

Contrary to popular myth, mediation is a tough process and mediating all day is tiring for both the participants and the mediator. Which is why mediators should manage the available meeting time so that it is used effectively. We want to ensure that participants don’t get so tired that they’d agree to just about anything. We aim to help you to resolve things in the time allowed.

What our fixed prices don't include
Our fixed prices include all our time spent up to and including a mediation session of a certian length (variable, depending on the case). Where the participants want to continue mediating beyond the allotted end time of the session, and the mediator is able to stay too, there would be a charge to each party of £100 per additional hour.

If you do not want to mediate at our consulting rooms and there is not another suitable premises available, we would hire suitable rooms and pass the charge on.

When payment is required

We require payment to be made no less than eight working days before any timetabled appointment.

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Why you need a MIAM.

If you want to make a family court application, chances are you'll need a MIAM certificate to show that you've met with a mediator. MIAM is short for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. MIAMs can only be conducted by specially accredited family mediators.

Maybe you want a MIAM but can't find a local mediator who can meet with you soon enough. Or you can't afford to take time off from work to visit a mediator. Well, you can meet with us over Skype video. All you'll need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam, a reliable Internet connection and somewhere private to take our video call.

We were the first mediators to offer an online MIAM service in 2012. It's understandable that we've gained a certain amount of expertise in understanding how to set up online consultations, as well as experience in delivering them.

How to get started

You are welcome to call us for a confidential chat. Or to speed things up, you can fill in our confidential form. Doing this will provide important information about you and your problem or dispute. Once we have it, we'll get in touch with you to arrange your online appointment. We'll send you instructions explaining how to prepare.

What happens at a MIAM?

At your appointment time, you'll need to be in front of your computer or mobile device. One of our mediators (who will also be a non-practising solicitor) will video call you. We'll provide legal information and guidance about court and your other potential options. We'll help you understand how these work, how long they take and how much they cost. If you decide you don't want to mediate, we'll send you a MIAM certificate to enable you to go to court.

How much does it cost?

Each private confidential consultation costs £130 including VAT and no hidden extras. So it includes any initial confidential phone chat you might have with one of our accredited mediators, your online appointment with an accredited mediator and any follow up letters, emails and phone calls with you (and the other person). And of course it includes your MIAM court certificate should you want one. 

What happens next?

If you decide you would like to try mediation, we'll offer to get in touch with the other person, inviting them to a similar meeting. Mediation can only start if both of you are willing to mediate. If you decide you don't want to mediate, we'll send you a MIAM certificate immediately by email to enable you to make a court application.