Our Mission

To help people solve problems and resolve disputes.

We are solicitors who decided that there must be a better way to help people than through the legal system. And there was: mediation. We now practise only as mediators.

We have seen the benefits of mediation and its capacity, through improving communication, to allow those with problems or disputes to maintain complete control over any decisions they need to make.

We’re always excited to start new dialogues, learn about clients’ goals, and work with them to achieve better, quicker, less expensive and longer-lasting outcomes.

Stephen G Anderson LL.B,

I had been practising as solicitor for 15 years before I decided in 2009 that I could no longer be a part of a system that turns problems into disputes and disputes into long drawn-out, expensive and damaging battles between lawyers. That’s when I retrained as a family mediator. I now practise only as a mediator.

Since then I have trained in many other mediation practice areas, and am one of only a few to have done so – family, civil & commercial, workplace, elder and community. This has given me a specialism in mediation which being a family mediator alone could not have given.

I’m also a mediation child consultant, mediation information & assessment  meeting (MIAM) provider, a professional supervisor of other mediators and a peer (youth) mediation installation trainer. Since 2016 I have been a director of the College of Mediators.

I attend and speak regularly on the UK, European and North American conference circuit. I’m widely known for my work in establishing online mediation as a legitimate way to work and helped write the online mediation standards for the Family Mediation Council.

Elisabet Anderson LL.B,

I’m a Family Mediation Council accredited mediator. My background is in law and I practised as a family solicitor and civil litigator before raising my family. I taught in primary school for 8 years and decided to train as a family mediator.

Family mediation often involves working with separating or divorcing couples – whether to help them reach a financial settlement or with parenting arrangements. It can also involve helping grandparents establish or re-establish a relationship with their grandchildren.

I am also a mediation child consultant, Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) provider, elder mediator and a peer (youth) mediation installation trainer. I’m a member of the College of Mediators and the Law Society.

Why choose us to help you solve your problem or resolve your dispute?
Start Mediation is a specialist mediation practice. We don’t do anything else. All our mediators have backgrounds either as solicitors or in financial planning. Between us, we have extensively trained in family mediation, elder mediation, civil & commercial mediation, workplace mediation, community mediation and the installation in schools of peer mediation.

Through our training and experience, and our pioneering of online mediation, we can offer hybrid mediation. Hybrid mediationa are mediations custom tailored to suit any type of matter or situation.

We constantly look to widen and deepen our conflct resolution skills.  This focus means that, whatever the situation., we can help you achieve a better and speedier outcome , at less expense,  than by using alternative approaches.

We have professional backgrounds in many fields

Our mediators and consultants are deeply skilled and experienced professionals from a variety of professions, including legal, financial and teaching.

We constantly look to widen and deepen our conflict resolution skills through extensive training, well above the 10 hour yearly minimum standard  This focus means we are experts in mediation, whatever the dispute. We can help achieve better, speedier outcomes, and at less expense,  than can be achieved using the non-mediation alternatives.